After a couple of years of drought we've had good rains this year - even a few millimetres at the end of May! The result is better grazing , a better flowing Hex river and a must happier Linda & Peter ( as well as all our neighbours & friends in our beautiful Naauwpoort Valley). Another positive thing is that our winter now definitely seems to be colder than the past couple of years - still not as cold as we used to have but a definite improvement. It certainly is good to see the morning frost back.

During the drought years Linda & I made a decision to cut back on our organic farming operations & concentrate more on our cottages & personal lifestyle. In doing so we sold off part of the farm which included selling Puschka Cottage & Bush Cottage. We had just finished renovating & building onto what is now Puschka Writer's Cottage & started building Puschka Stone Cottage.  Both of these cottages are off the grid and have natural (chemical free) spash pools. For heating we have installed glass fronted, wood burning cast iron fireplaces and hot water is provided either by a solar geyser or a wood fired 'donkey'. Lighting is provided by 12 volt solar powered systems, but also have small 220volt inverters for charging cell phones and laptops.

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