Organic Products

Breaking away to the countryside has more benefits than what meets the eye. When on Puschka Farm you can indulge in great cooking classes as well as purchase some of our fine products, all of which are organic. So when staying over, be sure to request a few bottles of some delicious garlic flakes, garlic or pickled garlic. You will be glad you did.


Our green garlic, either freshly harvested or hung and dried, is  organic and is strong and delicious.
Farm price R40/kg.

Garlic Flakes

To make our garlic flakes, we peel, slice and dry our garlic in a specially built dryer & in the sun so that it retains its strength and flavour. It can be added directly to most dishes when cooking and can also be rehydrated by adding a little water.
Farm price R30 per grinder.

Pickled Garlic

Our secret recipe – you’ve never tasted anything like it!  Perfect on its own as a snack, with cheese or added to a salad.
R25 per bottle.

product-pickled-organic-garlic.jpg product-organic-dried-garlic.jpg product-sun-dried-tomotoes.jpg

Pickled Organic Garlic

90 grams of delicious, organic garlic

Organic Dried Garlic

Delicious, wholesome and healthy garlic.

Sun Dried Tomatoes

Country grown tomatoes.